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Up first - How should your hair be when you come in for your trial? Do i need to wash it? Does it need to be straight? AGGHHH Help, am i right?

Honestly no pressure, just wash it the night before, blow dry it pretty smooth and say no more. I have about a million and one products in my box of goodies to create whatever texture we could possibly need.


Secondly - What do I wear to a trial?

In short, wear something as close to the neckline of your wedding dress as possible, and something WHITE. This will really help when envisioning your whole aesthetic. Also makes you feel cute and bridal!


In third place - Bring your accessories!

I cant expand on this one too much, but bring everything you want to try in your hair with you, even your veil if you are having one and have purchased it in time for your trial.


Last but certainly not lease - PICTURES - PICTURES - PICTURES

This one is actually extremely important, all of the inspiration pictures that you come across, bring them with you. Actually even ones you don't like can really help to distinguish the styles you like.

Anyways I hope this short little guide will help you have the most successful hair trial!

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