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My Wedding Hair Journey

I have been in the hair industry for over 10 years, longer than i care to admit. However it hasn't always been straight forward. I started my career after being offered a position when i stumbled into a last minute 'work experience' week. I had left things until last minute and panicked i was going to be the only kid in school without a placement. Next thing i know i have signed a contract of employment and embarked on an apprenticeship into the fast paced, ever changing world of hairdressing. A few months after qualifying i discovered i was pregnant which put my career onto a back foot. I never really discovered my love for hair styling until a few years later and i have to be honest there is no better feeling then walking away from a morning of bridal hair knowing you left that bride feeling the most beautiful that she ever has. I love being a part of the morning hustle and bustle, meeting family members, discovering new and talented local suppliers and feeling the raw emotions of everybody as the morning unfolds. It really is an incredible industry to be lucky enough to be apart of. I even love styling wedding hair that much that i even did my own on my wedding hair.

credit to Grace Elizabeth for the below image of a beautiful bridal party who i had the honour of styling.

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